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Do you need Ceiling Fans Installed? Do you need repair help with installed fans ? call us today and we can come out and do it for you. Same day service. As a licensed bonded & insured electrician, Crescent Electric provides expert electrical fan repair and fan installation in the Washington DC area. Contact us today for more information.
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Ceiling Fans Installed and Repaired

Installed ceiling fans not only put a finish touch to a room, it can help homeowners save on cooling bills and heating as well. Every time we install a new fan our electrician will explain to the owner that running the fan during winter time using a clockwise spin pushes the heated air on the ceiling down to the warm those in the room. During summer time spinning the fan counter-clockwise, pulls the warm air up and cool air in from the windows, reducing the need for air conditioning. Last summer, Its been documented and reported that a ceiling fan can reduce air-conditioning costs by 42% in the summer and heating costs by 15% in the winter.

Choose The Right Ceiling Fans To Install

Don't be tempted to get a ceiling fans installed cheap from a unlicensed person. Call Us! We're your local electrician. Licensed, insured and skilled in fan installation for your protection. When buying a fan, take the time to get a high-quality fan, good airflow design and acceptable warranty that will last a decade, the last thing you want it is to have to buy a replacement after a couple of years just to save some money. Rising fuel costs and energy conservation make ceiling fans a natural selection when it comes to lowering your carbon footprint. During the summer months, a ceiling fan installed and operating in the normal mode can reduce how cool you feel in a room by as much as eight degrees, allowing you to raise your air conditioner's thermostat and reduce energy costs. In the winter, ceiling fans should be operated in reverse mode to recirculate the warm air trapped at the ceiling. Turn your fans off when you leave a room for greater energy savings.

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Hire The Electrician With The Right Credentials For Your Ceiling Fan Installation

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Crescent Electrics Electricians Has The Right Credentials For Installing Your Ceiling Fan.


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